Brittani Jackson MD

Family Medicine Physician
Co-Founder of
Awards / Honors

Cornell University Ithaca, NY
B.S. in Human Biology
Minor in Global Health
2006 – 2010

University of Michigan Medical School
Ann Arbor, MI
Doctor of Medicine
2010 – 2015

University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL
Family Medicine Residency
2015 – 2018

Awards / Honors

Chief Resident, University of Illinois Department of Family Medicine

Elected by faculty and her peers on the basis of her clinical and leadership skills to serve as a liaison between faculty and residents and to represent the residents interests in various institutional processes.


Cornell Senior Honor Society of the Quill and Dagger / 2009- present

Tapped into a society that ‘seeks to recognize exemplary students who have shown leadership,
character and dedication to service.’ Considered the highest non-scholastic honor available to
Cornell undergraduates.


Areas of Expertise

Complex Chronic Disease Management

Women's Health

Undeserved Medicine

Implicit Bias and Racism in Medicine

Community Medicine

I believe a lot of success is a mental game. Over time, I came to believe in myself the way others did. Once I started truly believing in myself and my abilities, I got to the point where no negativity I encountered could keep me down for long. I just kept getting back up. When you have that attitude, I believe success is inevitable.

Brittani Jackson MD

On Success

In essence, we wanted to create the resource we wish we’d had when we were trying to figure out how to be doctors. It is our attempt to bridge the gap between minorities and non-traditional students who are interested in medicine but don’t know where to start and those who have lived it. It’s definitely a work of passion.

Brittani Jackson MD

On creating

Medicine needs passionate people who are invested in making it better.

Brittani Jackson MD

On the State of Healthcare

There is institutional racism and sexism which are seamlessly built into our higher education and healthcare system to contend with as well. Those systems exert their damage in both overt and subtle ways over time. Those forces hurt you in material ways.

Brittani Jackson MD

On Barriers in Education