Brandi Jackson M.D.

Co-Founder of Medlikeme.com
Awards / Honors

Cornell University Ithaca, NY
B.S. in Human Development
Minor in Biology
2006 – 2010

Northwestern University Feinberg School of
Medicine Chicago, IL
Doctor of Medicine
2010 – 2015

University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL
Adult Psychiatry Residency
Clinical Educator Track
2015 – 2019

Awards / Honors

APA/SAMHSA Minority Fellow / 2018-present
Awarded a $25,000 grant from the APA /SAMHSA to teach, conduct services research and provide culturally competent, evidence-based mental health services to minority and/or underserved

Psychiatry Resident Teacher of the Year Award / 2015 - 2016
Received an award given to one psychiatry resident per year. The recipient is selected by medical students.

Cornell Senior Honor Society of the Quill and Dagger / 2009- present
Tapped into a society that ‘seeks to recognize exemplary students who have shown leadership, character and dedication to service.’ Considered the highest non-scholastic honor available to
Cornell undergraduates.

Hunter Rawlings Cornell Presidential Research Scholar / 2006 - 2010
Selected for a program that selects ‘highly motivated students and provides them with the opportunity to conduct financially-supported, faculty mentored research throughout their undergraduate years.


Areas of Expertise


Mental Health Evaluation and Treatment

Undeserved Medicine

African American Mental Health

Treatment of Psychotic Illnesses

Motivational Speaking


When most people think of a doctor, they don’t picture an African American woman. My sister and I want to change that.

Brandi Jackson MD

On What a Doctor Looks Like

 For us, it’s not enough to say, “we made it.” We want to help others do it too. It’s our way of giving back for the hundreds of people who have helped us on our journey through medicine. We want to pay it forward. We’re hoping to change the face of medicine, together.

Brandi Jackson MD

On creating Medlikeme.com

As far as institutions go, I think too many operate under the premise that their work is done once they get a handful of African American or other minority students through their doors. That shouldn’t be the case.

Brandi Jackson MD

On Diversity in Education